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Make Ahead – Stuffed French Toast

One of my favorite ways to entertain during the holiday season is to have friends over for breakfast or brunch! A couple of years ago, we hosted a Christmas Eve breakfast that really stands out in my mind. Our house was full of friends, laughter, and children bursting with excitement! After some yummy food, we […]

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Egg “Muffins” with Quinoa and Veggies

These easy breakfast “muffins” make for a quick healthy breakfast for on the go families.

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Easy Veggie Frittata

When it comes to supper, I like something quick, tasty and healthy. Cue the Frittata. A Frittata is basically an open-faced omelet. It starts on the stove top and finishes in the oven. Add a salad or fruit salad side and you have a nice, tasty, quick meal. One of the best things about a […]

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Sauteed Caramel Apples

This super easy apple saute is a perfect topping on waffles. Also an easy dessert to serve with ice cream!

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Apple Pie Waffles with Whole Wheat, Flax and Chia Seeds

Even just the mention of waffles makes my kids break out in song and dance so we started the tradition of Waffle Wednesdays. I started out just using a waffle mix and putting sliced berries on the top but became more and more convinced I could make a tasty healthier waffle. First I started experimenting […]

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