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Motel Hell

My four-year-old looked down at the carpet as we entered the motel room. “Mommy,” she said knowingly, “This is the kind of motel we keep our shoes on, right?” We were on the adventure of a life time, a road trip across Canada. On that particular day, we found ourselves in Northern Ontario. God’s country […]

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Hot Chocolate Cupcakes!

These inexpensive easy cupcakes are made to look like cups of hot chocolate! Perfect for a birthday or winter themed party!

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Dispatches from Japan

My husband travels for work sometimes. Here are some of his observations from a recent trip to Japan! Japan is an interesting country. My overall impressions are that it is very clean, the people are very polite, and I would feel safe walking the streets at night almost anywhere. I always get the feeling they’re […]

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Trick Labels for Halloween Treats – Free downloadable PDF

Use these free downloadable Treat Labels to trick your treaters into thinking they are getting veggies instead of candy!

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Dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak in Las Vegas

“This is the best thing I have ever tasted in all my life.” That’s high praise. High praise coming from my daughter who without a doubt is the foodie of our family and, don’t kid yourself, she knows exactly what she is talking about. I should mention that she is 9 years old, and when […]

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