Just what the world needs….another blog!

Just what the world needs….another blog!

Several months ago, when trying to decide if I should start my very own blog, I googled “Reasons why I should never start a food blog”. All-knowing Google took me to a great blog I had never seen before called Iambaker.net. The woman who owns the blog has has been plagiarized, criticized (apparently foodies can be mean and very picky) and been told off by folks on the internet more than once, yet she still makes the most beautiful cakes ever. She’s even got a book on Amazon. She’s also a Mom of 4, I think she home schools, and I am pretty sure she leaps tall buildings in a single bound. (That is, after she has gathered the eggs from the chicken coop in her yard.) Whew! It was enough to make this Mom of 2 who drops her kids off at school each morning (and buys her eggs at the store) take to her bed. Yet strangely, I was inspired. I was up half the night looking through her blog. It was when I found the buttercream controversy on her blog that I made my decision to give my own blog a whirl!

Here’s how the buttercream debacle went down. Amanda posted a recipe for buttercream that she uses to frost her amazing cakes that (stop reading now if you don’t want to be shocked to the core.)… didn’t contain any butter. Buttercream without butter, oh the humanity! Shocked? Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Once I got over the trauma I started reading the comments. The no-butter-in-the-buttercream post sent the internet in to a Big Tizzy. Amanda was schooled on how it wasn’t actually buttercream over and over and over. Many folks went into painstaking detail about their French-Swiss-Italian buttercreams that make grown women weep with envy in the streets. Some commentators even turned their noses up at Amanda’s ugly step sister, the butterless buttercream. 300 comments under that simple but perfect recipe for caking frosting.

It wasn’t just Amanda’s grace under pressure that inspired me though, it was the fact she never changed the name of her recipe. To this day, 3 years later, she still calls it “Perfect Crusting Buttercream”. You go girl!

All this to say thanks Amanda for the inspiration! There’s always room for one more blog, right? And if the internet ever turns on me, I am blaming Amanda!


Annie says:

I will have to look at this blog, butter is just not a staple today anymore unless you want that rich flavor it gives. Keep blogging, many people like a new blog to read and get new ideas. Your blog needs some press somewhere so others can find it.

easyonthecook says:

Thanks for the encouragement! I need another week or so to get a couple of kinks ironed out, then I will start promoting and hopefully folks will come!